What is Fundamental Analysis?

Fundamental analysis involves looking at the macroeconomic, social and political forces that may impact a financial instrument. This is of the two major ways of analysing the markets and helps in predicting long-term trends. Watch FXTM Senior Research Analyst, as he discusses the importance of fundamental analysis and how it could help you on your trading journey. 00:00 Intro 00:42 What is fundamental analysis? 01:38 Who is fundamental analysis for? 02:21 Why use fundamental analysis? 02:42 When to use fundamental analysis? 02:48 How to use the economic calendar in fundamental analysis? 03:29 Where to use fundamental analysis? 03:40 Lukman’s biggest lesson from fundamental analysis! For more Market Analysis read the latest @ http://fxtm.co/marketupdate-yt ❤️ Like what we do? Make sure to give us a thumbs up & let us know in the comments section. ✍️ #FundamentalAnalysis #Investing #Trading #TradingEducation #FinancialMarkets #FXTMgivesyoumore #theweekin60seconds